Sunday, April 22, 2012

Residential Elevators for Private Dwellings

You can purchase top class residential elevators for private dwellings from reliable elevator suppliers. Reputable dealers can offer comprehensive installation and maintenance assistance for homeowners and ensure flawless functioning of the elevators they sell.

Mobility Solutions That Are Fast Embraced

Home elevators are great mobility solutions that have become popular in large homes in the United States. Not only are residential elevators practical solutions, but also great luxury and value enhancers for homes.

•    Unlike the days when elevators were beginning to find their way into homes, nowadays there are various kinds and sizes of residential elevators on offer.

•    Customers can quite easily select the elevator that ideally meets their specific power, interior design, cost and other requirements.

•    You can find a compact residential elevator for your relatively small home or private dwelling, or an extravagant and luxurious one to add to the glamour of your spacious home.

Elevator suppliers will ensure you get the right one for your needs.

Safety and other Things to Know about Home Elevators

Residential elevators are usually of the hydraulic, traction-powered, winding drum or pneumatic lift varieties. Each has its own characteristics making it easy for you to decide on the model that will suit your requirements best. All kinds of home elevators have safety features such as:

•    Backup battery so your elevator won’t get stuck between floors in the event of a power cut
•    A phone that is connected to a direct line
•    Safety interlocks on the inner doors for preventing the elevator from moving when the doors are open
•    Alarm
•    Emergency lighting
•    Key lockout to prevent kids from using the elevator

Characteristics of Various Residential Elevators

Pneumatic lift elevators are really compact versions and they are ideal if your home is small and you want your elevator to consume minimum space. With the pneumatic lift mechanism, the elevator doesn’t require a control room or shaft. This has made them quite popular among customers. They can only accommodate one or two people at a time, but that won’t be an issue if you have a small family.

The overhead winding drum residential elevator also doesn’t need a machine room or a counterweight. Traction elevators are home elevators that again do not need a machine room; instead they have the machine drive on top of the building or adjacent to the hoist-way.

Hydraulic elevators are considered the most reliable and solid models and are extensively used in commercial applications. They are also available for residential use and with greater technological advancements that make them more user-friendly. Generally, they require more expensive installation.
Elevator suppliers deal with all kinds of residential elevators for private dwellings and can easily recommend the right one for your home.  

Monday, April 16, 2012

Stair Lifts and Elevators Enhance Independence in Residential Buildings

Stair Lifts and Elevators – Enhance the Comfort and Lifestyle of Common People

Residential elevators and stair lifts are not a symbol of luxury any more. They play an exceptional role in multi-storied residences these days. Installation of stair lifts and elevators enhance independence in residential buildings.  Budget-friendly devices available nowadays modernize the lives of common people and add comfort and safety to the lives of the elderly and physically challenged.

Stair lifts – Easy Accessibility Alternative to get around the Residence Freely

Stair lifts are available in different models to suit curved or straight staircases. Common features incorporated in these mobility devices include swivel seat, hidden gear jack and swing away arms. DC model stair lifts are preferred to AC models because they are supported with battery to function even at the time of power failure.  You can choose stair lifts of top brands including Bruno, ThyssenKrupp Access and Savaria.

If you think about the benefits, there are plenty.

•    Easy accessibility in multi-storied homes
•    Ensures care and comfort to the user
•    Availability of different designs with affordable price tag
•    Durability, high safety features and minimum maintenance 
•    User-friendly devices with easy handle controls
•    Modification can be made to meet home décor and space  requirements
•    Warranty coverage of minimum one year

Residential Elevators Ensure Free and Safe Accessibility

Top brand home elevators have advanced features that guarantee comfort, independent accessibility and safety. Savaria, ThyssenKrupp Access and Federal Elevator are some of the leading brands in the industry. Before selecting an elevator, it is necessary to check its capacity, safety features, warranty coverage, price tag, and reliability.

Elevators of different models and designs can be customized to meet your style requirements and home space.  It is also important to give priority to safety features such as manual swing door, emergency alarm, telephone system, interlocking facility and emergency stop switch. Moreover, the users must have an idea of how to operate the device and details of speed range and power back-up devices.

A Reputable Elevator Supplier Offers Quality Products

An established elevator supplier would offer a wide range of stair lifts and elevators from top branded companies. In addition, such suppliers would also provide:

•    Quality and time bound service to reduce downtime of home elevators and stair lifts
•    Dedicated service of trained and skilled technicians
•    Certified installation procedures to ensure safety and comfort of customers
•    Inspection and repairs to enhance the smooth functioning of the devices
•    Replacement of damaged parts with genuine spare parts
•    Affordable pricing  for branded and refurbished products

Take advantage of the services provided by good dealers for a worthwhile deal. Undoubtedly, stair lifts and elevators enhance independence in residential buildings and at the same time increase the value of the home.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Delta inclined platform lift - an Affordable Accessibility Option

Delta Inclined Platform Lift - An Affordable Accessibility Option 

Delta inclined platform lifts are an affordable accessibility solution to overcome the barriers of stairs in different kinds of settings. An ideal option for straight, constant gradient stairs, this wheelchair lift serves both indoor and outdoor applications. When space and cost constraints prevent an elevator or vertical lift from being installed, the Delta is the answer. This lift travels up and down the stairway along two rails - an upper rail and a lower rail. The mounting location of the rails depends on the angle of stairs and the platform size.

Standard Features of the Delta Inclined Platform Lift

A space-saving accessibility device, Savaria’s Delta provides reliable performance and user-friendly operation. With a variety of features, it is specially designed to meet the accessibility requirements of wheelchair users in schools, churches, homes and other buildings. The important features of the affordable Delta inclined platform lift are:

•    An accessibility option that can be installed without significant renovation

•    Can be factory-built for left- or right-side rail installation as well as for front or side access

•    ADA-complaint platform, ideal for public accessibility requirements

•    Other standard features include: constant pressure button to move the lift up and down, pendant control, keyed call station and keyed operation

•    Space-saving design with sleek traveling rails and foldaway design

•    As the motor is housed on board the unit, no machine room is needed
•    Battery powered/charging stations ensure the lift operates through a power failure

Built for Safe Stair Access

The Delta platform stair lift comes with many safety features:

•    Object sensor system: The edges of the platform ramp, carriage of the lift and under pan are protected by the sensors. If an obstacle is stuck in its path, the sensors detect it and stop the lift immediately.

•    Safety arms and platform ramps: The platform is protected by two safety arms and ramps.

•    Over speed governor: The lift is equipped with a mechanical safety brake. If the normal travel speed is exceeded, the application of the brake slows the lift to stop

•    Manual lowering device: If a power failure occurs, you can use a hand wheel by inserting it on the motor shaft to bring the lift to the next landing.

•    Platform key switch: Located on the platform control panel, this switch is used to activate and deactivate the platform pendant controls

•    Emergency stop button: This button used to stop the lift in an emergency

This platform lift is available in different platform sizes and can be customized to suit applications. It can be folded away when not in use, thus saving stair space.

Purchase from the Right Supplier

Installing platform lifts involves attention to detail. So if you are planning to equip your building with the affordable Savaria Delta inclined platform lift, contact a reliable supplier. This would ensure that the lift is set up with least structural modification. Moreover, an established elevator company would also provide efficient post-purchase support with timely maintenance, repair and testing services. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Buying Savaria Home Elevators and Lifts

How Savaria’s Home Elevators and Lifts Can Make Your Life Convenient

Accessibility devices such as Savaria home elevators and lifts have become very popular in multi-level homes and mansions. Though considered a luxury item, it is a worthwhile investment which will add to the value of your home. Such residential elevators and stair lifts are designed to meet the particular needs of aged and physically challenged individuals, who usually struggle to climb up and down the stairs. These are also convenient solutions to transport heavy luggage or other items from one floor to another. While buying Savaria home elevators and lifts, you need to make sure that you get them from a trustworthy supplier that provides reliable installation and maintenance services. Some potential benefits of using lifts and elevators from Savaria are listed below.

•    Quick to install

•    Excellent safety measures to reduce the risk of accidents

•    Saves your valuable time

•    Easily accessed by individuals of all age groups

•    Trouble-free floor to floor transportation

•    Flawless performance and easy maintenance

Make a Wise Decision before Purchasing Home Elevators

Elevators and lifts come in a number of structural configurations, designs and styles; so you need to gain enough knowledge about each to find the best one that matches your budget and requirements. Savaria, one of the top rated manufacturers of lifts & elevators, offers three home elevator models -- Infinity Luxury Elevator, Telecab and Eclipse. All these residential elevators are carefully designed to provide exceptional operational benefits and convenience. Home elevators from Savaria have a compact style and design and will surely enhance the interior decor of your house as well as add to the convenience.

Infinity home elevator is a great choice that will improve your home’s resale value. These luxury residential elevators have 750lb rated load capacity and incorporate a number of advanced features to provide unparalleled safety and comfort to its users. It makes use of highly efficient hydraulic drive system and comes with a complete range of customizable features such as lockable control panel, slack chain safety device, in-cab telephone, and emergency stop switch and alarms.

Telecab is a two stop elevator that does not need a hoistway and a lift. This mobility device has got a maximum travel speed of 20 ft/min and has the capacity to hold 227 kg at a time. Additional features include non-skid platform, electromechanical open door sensor, under panel sensor and much more.

If you are looking for a compact design that does not need an extra machine room, then Savaria’s Eclipse should be your sure choice. As it uses modular rail sections, you can install it with minimal overhead; moreover, it consumes only less drive space. Safety features integrated in these home elevators include motorized braking, emergency stop switch, easily lockable control panel, UPS/battery operated emergency lowering and lighting, and hand crank manual lowering.

Home elevators and lifts provide the accessibility and convenience you desire. For buying Savaria home elevators and lifts, approach a reliable and recognized dealer who can guarantee professional installation and after sales services.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Installing Elevators in Residential Buildings

Installing elevators in residential buildings is a task that must be handled with care. But elevator suppliers are ready for the challenge. Residential elevators have transformed wealthy homes all over America through the turn of the century. There are many kinds of home elevators available that cater to the various power consumption, luxury, size, safety and convenience preferences of home owners, so getting the right one for your home isn’t difficult, especially with elevator suppliers stocking some of the best brands and offering service, regular maintenance and installation assistance.

Factors to Consider When Installing Home Elevators

As you’d imagine, installing a home elevator during the construction process is easier and the ideal arrangement. It also isn’t much harder to install residential elevators in already-constructed homes that have a provision for installing elevators.

There are various requirements for an elevator – some residential elevators such as hydraulic ones require a foundation and a shaft, while others need a machine room. Some elevators also require multiple entry points. All this could mean significant structural adaptations to your home that could alter some of the aesthetic features of your room, but more importantly, cost more too. 
Varying Installation Requirements for Home Elevators

Fortunately, there are home elevators that don’t require such extensive investment or modifications. These are simpler elevators not requiring a hoistway, and some don’t need a machine room or pit as well. These are much easier to install in existing buildings. Then there are also power requirements to consider when it comes to elevators running on electricity, unlike hydraulic ones.

But elevator suppliers have technical experts and engineers who offer the right guidance when it comes to deciding on the right elevator to choose. Even if there are extensive adaptations to make on some of the larger elevators, the supplier can handle it and also provide consultation for architects, contractors and engineers.  

Comprehensive Features Onboard Residential Elevators
Some of the elevators have many customization options. The luxurious ones have trim options that suit the décor of your home. All elevators do have safety features such as emergency brakes, door interlocks, emergency alarms, battery backup (or emergency manual pulling option in much smaller elevators) and cabin lighting, while the more expensive ones have features such as in-cab telephones. Hydraulic and traction are some of the common varieties of home elevators.  Each has its respective pros and cons and you can choose yours depending on your budget and the amount of modification required for your home.

Elevator Suppliers Make the Process Stress-free

You can explain to the elevator suppliers your requirements, what you’d like to see in your elevator, the amount of modification to your home you’re willing to carry out, and also ask questions about the maintenance services offered including the arranging of scheduled safety inspections. Installing elevators in residential buildings is carried out professionally by elevator suppliers.  

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Choosing a Reliable Elevator Supplier in NYC

How to Locate a Reliable Elevator Supplier in New York City

Home elevators are designed to improve the mobility of people who find it difficult to climb stairs, and ensure them proper indoor as well as outdoor access. Nowadays, the demand for home accessibility equipment is growing. More and more homes in cities such as New York have started installing elevators in multi-storied buildings. If you are an architect, builder, designer or a home owner looking for quality residential elevators, then it is essential for you to know how to locate a reliable elevator supplier in New York City (NYC).

Browsing the Internet is an ideal way to locate an elevator supplier in NYC. You can get the information you want by exploring the websites of popular dealers. Comparing the various residential elevator models available in the market, reading reviews about them, and studying the price guide can help you assess the different home elevator options available to you.

Here are some tips that will help you choose the right elevator supplier in NYC.
•    Years of experience: Ensure that the dealer you choose has vast experience in serving the New York elevator market and has offices in the city. Only an experienced company would have a good idea of customer requirements and serve you efficiently.

•    Professional advice on purchase: A reliable and professional elevator supplier would advise you on purchase. Being an architect or builder, choose a supplier that offers a free consult, understands your requirements and structural constraints and suggests a suitable residential elevator model.

•    Product Lines: Your choices will be limited if the elevator company supplies just one product line of residential elevators. A reputable dealer would have an extensive inventory of premium quality home elevators and lifts. Your dealer can offer guidance on selecting the model that would work for you. 

•    Check whether they provide installation support: A reliable NYC elevator dealer would offer free consultation, guidance on elevator choice, and installation support. All these are valuable services for builders, architects and designers. The right dealer would install your home elevators to meet the latest NYC building code requirements.

•    Timely site inspections: Buy your lift from an elevator supplier that provides inspection services such as onsite checks, periodic inspections, maintenance surveys, test witnessing and code evaluations.

•    Warranty: Ensure that your NYC dealer offers a proper warranty on the elevators.

•    After-sales service: Efficient after-sales service is necessary to extend the life of the elevator. Make sure that your New York City elevator dealer offers comprehensive customer service that covers repair, maintenance, testing and inspection by trained and certified personnel.

•    Competitive pricing: Try to choose an established elevator supplier in NYC that offers the equipment at competitive prices.

Once you have selected your elevator supplier in New York City, make sure you purchase premium quality elevators. ThyssenKrupp Access, Savaria and Federal Elevator are some of the leading elevator manufacturers.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Choosing a reliable company for lifts and elevators in New York

If you are an architect, designer or builder in New York, you would need to buy lifts and elevators for different types of environments – commercial, residential, indoor, outdoor. Choosing a reliable company to partner with is important, especially if you want to be assured of top quality products and premium technical support.

How do I choose an elevator company in New York?

When you are looking for an elevator supplier to handle your all aspects of your accessibility needs, it is essential to choose a reliable company that can guarantee that all your accessibility requirements are met.

Just like finding the right elevator takes considering the cost, weight capacity, and maintenance requirements, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration while choosing the right residential elevator company. An online search is the best way to locate a reliable elevator supplier. You can get all the information you want on the elevator suppliers in New York by exploring their websites. Here are some tips on how to choose a lift and elevator supplier from among the many out there.

When you are looking for a supplier of lifts & elevators, consider the following:

•    It's important that the company must have vast experience serving the New York elevator market. Only an experienced company would have a good idea of customer requirements and serve you efficiently.

•    A reliable and professional elevator supplier would advise you on purchase. Partner with an elevator company that offers a free consult and can suggest the suitable residential elevator or a stairlift for your project.

•    A reliable NYC elevator dealer would offer comprehensive support – right from start to finish. This is a valuable service for builders, architects and designers.  Also check how quickly the elevators and lifts be installed. The time could vary from 24 hours to several weeks.

•    Buy your lift from an elevator supplier that provides timely inspection services such as onsite checks, periodic inspections, maintenance surveys, test witnessing and code evaluations.

•    Make sure that the product you purchase comes with proper warranty and is free from manufacturing defects.

•    After-sales service: Efficient after-sales service is necessary to extend the life of the elevator. Make sure that your New York City elevator dealer offers comprehensive customer service that covers repair, maintenance, testing and inspection by trained and certified personnel.

Before you choose an elevator company, you want to make sure that you choose one that can meet your turnaround time. Also, ensure that the supplier is trustworthy and reputable. A reliable New York dealer in lifts and elevators will offer services such as free consultations and site assessment, as well as 24-hour on call customer service to deal with emergencies.